Bahaali Foundation has been established by ex Corporate executives with a passion to make a difference in the lives of rural Pakistanis. We will work initially for the rehabilitation of the worst affected flood victims of Pakistan. Specifically, Bahaali has a two point agenda:

1. Provide shelter to returning villagers.
2. Provide a source of livelihood, so the villagers can sustain their families and communities.

Bahaali will perform the above tasks by developing model villages with all facilities of a modern community. Model livestock farms will be established in the periphery which will be run in a cooperative model with the villagers equally sharing the maintenance and income from sale of produce.

The summer of 2010 produced Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years. The number of people affected, who need food, shelter and clothing to face a harsh Pakistani winter, is 20 million. read more


Bahaali stands for transparency only 6-8% of donations are spent on overhead expenses, the rest are directly spent on the projects at the ground level. This will further reduce with time. After the  More...
Bahaali Foundation has been launched by Salman Tariq, a Businessman based in Islamabad with a passion to serve Pakistan. The entire seed money to launch Bahaali has been donated from his own pocket.  More...
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